Bialetti Moka Pot

Bialetti Moka Pot Express

As the first establishment in Malaysia to use the Bialetti Moka pot to make our aromatic brew, Caffé Crema is proud to celebrate the heritage of the iconic aluminium Moka Pot Express that has a distinctive octagonal shape which allows heat to diffuse effectively for a perfect espresso in minutes. The original was first manufactured in 1933 and coffee grounded coffee always tastes better when allowed to boil and simmer on a stovetop.

Moka Pot Venus

Sensually cylindrical, this stainless steel espresso maker is suitable for both stovetops and induction cooktops. Simply fill the lower chamber with cold water, insert the funnel and let your ground coffee lovingly mingle with the boiling process – stir after for optimum flavour.

Moka Pot Induction

Perfect for learning how to make a hot cup of your own, an induction compatible Moka Pot may just be the way to go for home grown baristas looking to impress friends and relatives. Don’t be shy, the knowledgeable baristas at Caffe Crema will gladly offer their assistance if you’re having a go at it the first time before deciding to purchase one.

Bialetti Moka Pot Brikka

The Brikka puts the ‘crema’ in Caffe Crema with a dual-valve system that regulates the pressure of water flowing though the coffee grounds. This along with an open-lid design allows air to circulate into the valve for a textured frothy cup of coffee.


Moka Pot Whistle

A steaming tune is what you’ll hear when your morning brew is ready. Steam funnelling through the gasket produces the inconspicuous whistling that notifies you that your morning pick-me-up is ready. Perfect for espressos and even a tall black any time of the day.

Tea Forte

A global player with its marquee range of Black Currant, Darjeeling Quince, Honey Yuzu, Mountain Oolong and many other exquisite selections of teas, Tea Forte is also known for their silken Luci Tea Infusers and Kati Tea Brewing System that makes brewing loose tea leaves by the cup a simple undertaking. And did we mention that its Oprah Winfrey’s favourite brewing cup? I guess we just did. They are also purveyors of Pugg Tea pots and are available at leading hotels and prestigious resorts.


Buono Kettle

The Hario Buono Kettle is one of the Japanese company’s most popular pour over brewing kettles with large capacity (1.2 liters / 40.5 ounces or 1.0 liters / 33.8 ounces) at an affordable price point. It has a low-mounted spout for a fuss-free pour and is sturdy in design with stainless steel body. Originally known primarily as a company that produces glass products, Hario (also known as Hario Glass) has been working to produce high quality coffee and tea products since 1921.

HARIO V60 Pour Over Kit

The Hario V60 brewing line has probably been the most popular choice for pour-over coffee brewing over the last couple of years. The V60 features a cone-shaped design with a larger hole, and ridges. Throw in a thin paper filter and you have a brew method that encourages a finer grind and shorter brew time, producing a bright and clean cup. The V60 is an ideal gift for those wanting to brew excellent coffee daily or 1-2 people!

Slim Ceramic Grinder

Chuck your premium beans in for a grinding experience that produces a consistent ground dark roast for a palatably textured coffee. Easy to clean, the ceramic mill ensures that there’s not build-up of rust. Storage is simple with its compact physique and detachable handle.


We at Caffe Crema are fervent advocates of sustainability and we’re proud to carry Australian-based KeepCup’s Classic (8oz) and glass Brewer (8oz) coffee cups as keepsakes for all who are looking to help reduce the usage of disposable coffee cups and their accompanying polyethylene lids. Every KeepCup can be recycled and since 2009, millions have been sold in 32 countries around the world. 

Caffe Crema "The Signature Blend Coffee"

Caffee Crema has its own signature blend that combines in proportion beans from Brazil Mountain Mogiana, Papua New Guinea Sigri, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Indonesia Putri Sipinsor. It’s a smooth chocola Smooth chocolate, raisins, dried figs, caramel and overtones of tangerine. All rounded coffee..  Come and try it and let us know what you think.

VST Basket (18gram & 20gram)/COFFEE Refractometer

If you’re a coffee loving nut, Caffe Crema provides one session training utilising 18g and 20g rigged VST Basket and the world’s first Refractometer for coffee beverages. Caffe Crema is VST precision basket official reseller in Malaysia.