Do you buy pre-grounded Coffee? 

If you do, you should start thinking about buying fresh beans and grinding it your own. WHY?
Freshness is utmost important in your cup of coffee. Pre-grounded coffee losses it flavours almost 60% after about 15 minutes. 

How grinding your coffee makes any difference at all? 

Always invest in a good grinder, never buy a cheap blade grinder! It will do the job, however particle size of your coffee is uneven thus giving you bad extractions. For home use, we suggest hand burr grinder. Different grind size will affect your coffee tremendously. 

Grind Size

Extra Coarse: Small chunky coffee
Coarse: Chunky, coarse sea salt.
Medium: coarse sand.
Fine: like sugar or salt
Extra Fine: similar to extra fine sugar (powdery but not as much)
Turkish Grind: Like flour, very powdery.

How do you brew your coffee?

French Press, you will require to hard coarse grind size.
Vario V60 Pour Over : Medium Coarse
Moka Pot : Medium Fine
Espresso : Fine
Turkish Coffee : Extra Fine

Imagine your coffee grounds as Sand... the coarser your grind the faster water will flow thru, thus giving you a faster extraction and pour. Finer grind size, it will extract longer and slower pour, giving you strong tasting coffee.

Every method of brewing will have suggested extraction time. i.e. Hario V60 Pour over : +- 2-3 minutes. If your coffee takes more than 3 minutes to brew what do you do? Your grind size might be too fine for pour over. Adjust your grind size slightly and try again! 

In the coffee world, there is nothing right or wrong! Importantly enjoy the process and a great cup of coffee!