Day 2


After feeling slightly cross-eyed after yesterday’s session, I’m feeling like the Karate Kid waxing on (and off) and having no idea why. I’m a glutton for caffeinated punishment as I return to learn about how the beans are graded by aroma, fragrance, taste (dry and wet). Finally, it’s an orientation to SCAA’s Cupping techniques and it’s great to be able to break down the uniqueness of each cup in its original form.

There’s also the decaffeination process which involves soluble agents are able to selective in terms washing out only the caffeine and retaining all the key flavours in your coffee. Oh boy is it fascinating to see how it’s done. I feel like a chemical engineering undergrad as the process is insanely complicated.   



And finally, I get my hands on a roasting machine and it’s a first for me to experience operating the Giesen Roasting machine that is very hot to the touch. Ouch! But the various knobs and indicators are a godsend as they allow me to subtly control even small variants in how I wish to roast up a batch of beans.