Coffee 101 by SCAA

I almost missed our chance to gain some insight into new coffee trends in an industry insider’s session about coffee including seeing a cool new customized machines and espresso and milk steaming fundamentals and principals of brewing and extraction.  I’m reminded how we can treat ourselves to a beverage that excites. The formalities done with effortlessly, Sebastian our lecturer and guide greet us. I also met World Barista Champions James Hoffmann and Matt Perger. 

Psyched, I’m going to make our way through the nooks and crannies of Melbourne and hopefully find the best coffee the city has to offer. I also attended the Australia Barista Championship and met the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association who shared some insights into Brazilian Cupping (not that kind!) – and thus begins our coffee discovery in earnest. 

Note: I also saw some heavy duty La Marzocco customized machines.