Nolan Hirte is the founder of Proud Mary and you can even witness the roasting of the coffee within the premises where they source their beans from farms all over the world directly. The place is also a little psychedelic and the all-day breakfast and lunch menus are excellent. The wonderful vibes we enjoy sitting here certainly serves to make the experience even more gratifying (the won the Golden Eagle Award at the Golden Bean Roasters competition in 2013) as the fact that the owner cares about the famers, often the best variety of beans are sold in Proud Mary bags. 

172 Oxford Street, Collingwood, Yarra 

Next we head to affiliate Aunty Peg’s. It is also where Proud Mary’s coffee beans are roasted. You can literally see the roasting in action. It looks like a popular spot for hipsters, but what I like is that it’s ONLY black coffee – no milk in this café. I had mine in a print straight from the tap and it wasn’t too strong. I also sampled the very expensive (and limited) hr61 coffee at AUD30 a pop, which makes the good even better. I also enjoyed the pastries including croissants and bagels that were very well-made.   

200 Wellington Street, Collingwood