Do you have experience in Baking? Making Cookies?

Everything is about ratio & measurement. You literally measure everything, flour, how many eggs, teaspoons of sugar, yeast etc.

You should measure your coffee too! So go get a small measuring scale +-1g sensitivity. There are many different measurement and ratio in the world of coffee. Every continent uses a different ratio, but why? Everyone likes their coffee differently... Mild , Strong , Powerful &  I don't want to sleep at all ! 

Brewing ratio is the very important, it will decide how strong your coffee will taste. Of course it's not the only deciding factor (one of the many factors) 

Brew ratio 1:18 , 1:17, 1:16 , 1:15 the list goes on... but what is that?

Let's take 1:18, what does it mean to me?

> 1 part of coffee to 18 parts of water. Say i am brewing 10 grams of coffee, I will use (10*18) 180 grams of water. It's advisable for coffee drinker to play around with the ratio to find the perfect ratio best suites your tasting.

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