Turning water into Coffee is not as simple as it seems... plenty of ways making a perfect cup of coffee. Do you know if you are using the right way? Follow our Blog to learn more.

Today's first tip!

1. Buying Fresh Beans! 

Every chefs knows! You cook with the best and freshest ingredients. So, what's the major ingredient of Coffee? It's the beans. Starting from today, please purchase fresh beans. (NOT GROUNDED BEANS).

a. Best by date instead of Roasted date. You need to know when its roasted to ensure freshness. All recently roasted beans best to allow them to sit at least 5 to 10 days prior using to allow de-gassing (CO2). 

b. Roasting jargon.. light , city , medium , dark and dark dark. Specialty coffee roasters will let you know how their beans is roasted and tasting notes for their beans. 

c. Never buy coffee in Jars, plastic container or clear glass container. 

d. Buying too much coffee! Only purchase what you need, best is 200g to 250grams per pack.

e. Coffee beans should spell out where their blends and beans are from. Without such info? Don't buy it!

f. Smell your coffee! You should enjoy sniffing your coffee beans. If they don't smell good, i doubt it will taste good!