Coffee drinking in Italy is taken very seriously & there are many do & don'ts about Coffee Drinking. I love traveling to Italy, it's one of my favourite place in Europe.... It's one place you will never get bored drinking espresso from Morning till Night... I mean even midnight!

So what's the Do & Dont's about Coffee in Italy?

1. No Coffee to Go - why are you so busy that you can't enjoy a cup of coffee at the Cafe?

2. No Cappuccino after breakfast - why would like want to drink a hot frothy drink after food.

3. Espresso Anytime - espresso is something Italians drink anytime of the day. But don't be confused with Asian Style espresso drink and Italian. The dose in Asia is way higher! You get high with just a single cup.

4. Don't drink dishwasher water, Americano, instead order a Caffe Lungo 

5. Don't order a "Latte" like you normally do in Asia... In Italy, you will get a glass or cold milk. Latte = Milk in Italian. Instead, order Latte Macchiato instead.

6. Decaf, order if you must... Why would you want to drink decaf without the energy! uhhmp