Just arrived for the first time in Melbourne, Australia. Many people have told me that I need to be see drink taste coffees in Australia. Here I am now, attending the MICE (Melbourne International Coffee Expo).

First day.... All i had in my mind was "COFFEE!!!" checked in at St. ALi Family Roasters at Yarra Place. 

Didn't wait a minute, ordered my first drink:-

1. Espresso - Ethiopia - Wottona Boltuma - Sidamo it's really good , where you can taste dried apricot, tangerine, strong lemony and a great honey finish.

My second drink while having tasty place of Ox tongue for my brunch....

2. Flat White - Colombia - El Meridiano AA , love this drink! You can taste apricot, cherry and dark chocolate finish.


3. Filter Coffee - Ethiopia - Wottona Boltuma prepared with GS3 and filtered lastly using V60.  Taste sugary, plums, fruity fragrant of strawberry ... Light and Complex.

I have purchased a small lot of beans from St. ALi, will be bringing back LIMITED EDITION at CAFFE CREMA... stay tuned!


Signing Off....